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Buy cci primers online: CCI Primers are constantly examined and progressed. As an end result today’s CCI primers are extra sensitive, less difficult to seat and extra well matched with revolutionary and automatic loading system than ever earlier than.  They make use of current non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes for the cleanest burn viable.

CCI Primers are continuously attempted and progressed. Buy cci primers online, Subsequently the prevailing CCI groundworks are extra sensitive, extra sincere to situate and extra possible with slight and automated stacking tools than any time in latest memory.  They use current non-adverse and non-mercuric initiator blends for the cleanest eat conceivable. they use present day non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator blends.

Quantity –one thousand Piece

Primer Size- Shotshell Magnum

In Qty of




Buy cci primers online, CCI manufactures shotshell primers to satisfy your demands. These primers are to be had in all gauges for area and goal hundreds. The CCI 209M is an actual Magnum primer meant for massive hundreds of slow-burning propellants. As an end result, the 209M is an awesome desire for waterfowl loading. For easy, certain ignition, each rent current, non-corrosive, non-mercuric priming chemical compounds.

CCI 209: Loads withinside the area and at the goal

Heavy waterfowl and turkey loading on CCI 209M

To meet your needs, we produce shotshell primers. CCI 209 primers are to be had in all gauges for area and goal hundreds.

CCI manufactures shotshell primers to satisfy your demands. This primer is a general-reason shotshell primer that may be used with maximum area and goal hundreds. Buy cci primers online

Clean-burning and dependable ignition

CCI 209M: heavy waterfowl and turkey hundreds

About this Primer (Buy cci primers online)

Two shotshell primers are to be had to your convenience. For each area and goal hundreds, CCI 209 primers may be used. Designed to be used with slow-burning propellants, the CCI 209M Primers in inventory now on the market is a truely Magnum primer. Because of this, the 209M is an awesome choose for waterfowl hunters. Modern, non-corrosive, non-mercuric primer chemical compounds are utilized in each.

Buy cci primers online, 209 shotshell primers on the market at at very inexpensive prices, winchester 209 shotshell primers vow to be had  the high-quality providers online, Buy 209 shotshell primers from the high-quality providers, Buy cci 209 shotshell primers one thousand container at a hundred gain fee with secure and delivery.

Firstly, the CCI 209m is subjected to ongoing checking out and development. Therefore, CCI primers are extra sensitive, extra available to sit, and extra well matched with superior and automatic loading system than in preceding generations. Secondly, they employ current non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator combinations to gain the cleanest viable burn. Buy cci primers online,  Most importantly, CCI Shotshell Primers supply consistent, easy-burning overall performance with a 209 primer pocket for any current shell.  However, Primers withinside the 209 collection are awesome for fashionable area and goal hundreds, whilst primers withinside the 209M collection are awesome for heavy waterfowl and turkey hundreds.

In addition, The 209 is designed to resist criminal area and goal load situations.

Reliable and environmentally friendly

All current shotshell instances are well matched with the 209 primer pocket.

The 209M shotshell primer is a magnum shotshell primer designed for heavy waterfowl or turkey hundreds.

Specs – Buy cci primers online

Type- 209M

Caliber -209 Magnum

Bullet Style- Buckshot

Package Quantity- a hundred

Usage- Reloading

CCI 209M Primers In Stock Shotshell Magnum Box of one thousand (10 Trays of a hundred)

Buy cci primers online, We manufacture  exceptional shotshell primers to satisfy your necessities. As an end result, the 209M is an awesome desire for waterfowl hundreds. Both use current primer compounds which might be non-corrosive and non-mercuric to make sure an easy and dependable ignition.

Buy cci primers online, These 209M Shotshell Primers are extra sensitive, extra available to sit, and extra well matched with superior and automated loading system than some other shotshell primer today.

The CCI 209M primers use current, non-corrosive, and non-mercuric initiator combinations to make sure an easy burn and whole ignition of the primer compound.

Designed to be used with waterfowl and heavy area hundreds, those CCI Shotshell Primers No. 209M are appropriate Magnum shotshell primers.

CCI fashionable primers are relatively easy-burning, ensuing in cleanser primer wallet and a extra prolonged length among pocket cleansing sessions. Moreover, that could be a full-size benefit for revolutionary reloaders. Buy cci primers online

Clean-burning and reliable ignition are critical characteristics.

Waterfowl and turkey flocks in massive numbers.

There are a hundred consistent with container.

Buy cci primers online, Our clients are positioned everywhere in the country. They are challenge to a slew of federal, state, county, city, and municipal guidelines that govern the sale of those sorts of products. Therefore please evaluate the relevant legal guidelines and guidelines concerning this product.


Model: 0009

Primer: #209M

Types: Shotshell

Quantity: a hundred consistent with pack

Buy cci primers online, An awesome general-reason primer that may be used for maximum area hundreds. Also, instances for present day Winchester, Remington, Peters and Federal shotshells are to be had here.

CCI primers provide the reloader easy, dependable ignition. A large candy spot way extra dependable ignition in weapons that produce off-middle hits. The redesigned steel components enhance sensitivity and decrease seating pressure. These primers are designed for the whole thing from small-quality rifles and handguns to the massive-quality rifles and magnums. Buy cci primers online

Promotes easy, dependable ignition

Improve sensitivity and decrease seating pressure

Designed for a huge variety of weaponry

Additional Information on primers

The Winchester Small Pistol Primers are an awesome all-climate option. Winchester Small Rifle Primers are clean to ignite and seat, making them an awesome desire for reloading. The Winchester Small Pistol Primers were carefully examined and exactly designed to paintings with a huge variety of firearms beneath almost any circumstance. Buy cci primers online, The anvil peak has been designed with the aid of using Winchester to make sure most flash, ensuing in almost 0 misfires because of primer failure.

Because of Winchester’s tremendous checking out and development programs, the Winchester Small Pistol Primers one thousand Count is an awesome desire for bench loaders.  Winchester Small Pistol Primers are meticulously synthetic and examined to make sure most overall performance. The anvil peak layout with the aid of using Winchester guarantees primer ignition time after time.

Non-corrosive, all-climate primers from Winchester offer fast, reliable ignition in any capturing condition. Buy cci primers online, Primers are constantly and carefully examined for consistency and sensitivity at temperatures and situations a ways past the everyday working variety. Winchester ensures progressed sensitivity for extra effective firing in all weapons, in addition to cautiously managed weights of primer combinations, consistency in length and quality, specific measurements and tolerances for anvil heights, and balance in temperature and humidity extremes.

Why do you need small pistol primers?

Regardless of whether or not you personal a first-rate or little gun, primers are an absolute necessity. Reloading gun s is set accuracy and this is the component that primers are for!

Buy cci primers online, Its essential ability is to the touch off the fee powder withinside the gun’s cartridge. Without primers, the slugs could be caught withinside the barrel.

The primers has sensitive components withinside the steel cap but only a bit. When the capturing pin of the little gun hits the initial cap, the getting ready artificial is squashed withinside the steel iron block and cap. Accordingly, the primers communicates warm fueloline into the glimmer commencing and cartridge case. This makes the temperatures and urgent issue inner it increment, which then, at that factor touches off the pressure powder.

These priming components are commonly barium nitrate, antimony sulfide, and lead styphnate. These artificial materials cooperate to supply warm temperature and fueloline.

Despite brands, all primers will definitely improve your capturing and reloading experience.

Important safety information

You have to be 18 or older to buy Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to buy Handgun Ammunition. In ordering this product, you certify which you are of criminal age and fulfill your jurisdiction’s criminal necessities to buy this product.

For protection reasons, we do now no longer take delivery of returns on ammunition. Always ensure you operate the best ammunition to your particular firearm.

The sale or cargo of this product to citizens of positive jurisdictions is prohibited. Check your nearby legal guidelines earlier than ordering this product. Check your nearby legal guidelines for some other guidelines.

We advocate using shielding eyewear each time the use of or close to using this item.

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