Shooting is a passion of many people across the world, and they go to any extent possible to own the best shooting tools. If you are fond of hunting and shooting, you must be owning a rifle or a handgun. However, having a rifle or a handgun is not enough since you need to consider the cartridges as well. The 10mm Ammo auto cartridge is a masterpiece in its class.

This article will highlight some of the benefits of using this cartridge and help you understand how it can improve your shooting skills. Therefore, read and remember all the points if you are searching for a powerful cartridge for your shooting tool.

About the Cartridge

The 10 mm Auto ammo is an exceptional innovation by Jeff Cooper. In the 70s and 80s of the nineteenth century, shooters did not have many choices for good and reliable cartridges. This was when Jeff Cooper decided to introduce a cartridge that could bring forth one of the best creations. He collaborated with the ammunition company of Sweden, named Norma A.B., and crafted this masterpiece.

Jeff Cooper created the 10mm Auto ammo as a medium-bore cartridge that can give shooters the ultimate satisfaction. It was innovated in 1983 and is still a favorite of shooting lovers. The first handgun to use this cartridge was the Bren Ten made by the Dornaus & Dixon Enterprise. This pistol was extremely popular initially but soon faded out due to several issues in manufacturing.

Later, a few handguns were introduced that could shoot with this cartridge. Shooters have limited options of pistols for the 10mm Auto ammo, unlike the 6.5 Grendel cartridge. However, the options available are top-notch, and you will not regret using them. Two types of variants are available for the 10mm Auto ammo, namely, full-power loads ones and lower-power loads. If you have difficulty handling the high power of the stout recoil of this cartridge, you can opt for the lower-power load.

Uses of the 10mm Auto Ammo

The 10mm Auto ammo has greater recoil than numerous other popular cartridges available today. Well-trained and highly-skilled shooters can use this cartridge effortlessly for any type of shooting activity. It is an effective cartridge for hunting deer and can also be termed as a bear-defense product. You can use the 10mm Auto ammo cartridge as a powerful tool for protecting yourself. It is a great cartridge for self-defense pistols that you carry along.

Vital Facts about the Cartridge

 Fast Reloading: The 10mm Auto ammo was a favorite of the FBI since it has a faster reloading capacity. It can throw a big-sized bullet in a shorter time than many other cartridges. Besides, it is a perfect fit for semi-automatic pistols that reload very fast.
 Introduced the 40 S&W pistols: This cartridge led to the introduction of the 40 Smith & Wesson Series. The 40 S&W is a powerful pistol that has lower recoil and shoots extremely well. This pistol was invented to fit the 10mm Auto ammo for a better experience of shooting and hunting.
 Excellent for Field Use: The 10mm Auto ammo is a great piece to use for field purposes. You can sue it for handgun hunting and self-defense while in the bush.
Besides, the pistols using this cartridge are lightweight, and thus, you can carry more ammunition without feeling heavy.

Bottom Line

The popularity of the 10mm Auto ammo might have decreased comparatively recently, but its efficiency remains undoubted. You can carry this light ammo in a large quantity for your hunting sessions and get a refined experience of shooting.

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