The 10 mm Ammo is very strong and is made of a semi-automatic pistol cartridge. It is developed by US Marine Jeff Cooper, it was launched in 1983 with the famous pistol called BrenTen. The design was adopted and later launched by ammunition manufacturer who’s name is FFV Norma AB of Amotfors, Sweden. Later it was selected for practice and service by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the year 1989. The cartridge was also decommissioned due to the Miami shootout held in 1986. The firearms training unit also concluded by saying that the recoil was too much for the training of average agents and some police officers who were loyal and had the qualification to use a pistol chamber. The cartridge was too big for the individuals to carry.

The dimension of 10 mm ammo

It is having a 1.56 millilitre of cartridge case where it is containing a huge capacity. The common rifle twist rate of the cartridge is maintaining 12 gauge ammo, its land width is moreover 3.05 mm. Somehow, a big or small primer is used. The ruling is having a maximum pressure of 230 mpa. In the countries which are regulated by CIP, every pistol is combined with minimum proof that is required of 130% of the CIP pressure. It is certified for sale for all consumers. Uses

The 10 mm ammo is used for hunting, defensive and tactical use. It is one of the few semi- automatic and part of the rimless cartridge which is legal for hunting deer in several U.S states.The FBI hostage rescue team, tactics team and special weapon and several other law enforcement, continued to issue the use of 10 mm in several matters such as Coconut Creek Police Department, Montana Police Department, Glassgow etc. For military use, the Denmark government have issued the Glock 20 to the Sirius headquarter Dannenberg. These pistols were issued to fight for self-defence polar bears.

This type of issue also led to the creation and replacement of the small version of the 10 mm which exist nowadays as 40 S&W. But the 10 mm did not always attend the success of compact variant.

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