Remington Small Pistol Primers #5-1/2 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


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Product Overview – Remington Small Pistol Primers

Remington Small Pistol Primers: Remington’s 1½ pistol primers are incredibly particular withinside the international of small pistol primers. Remington Small Pistol Primers are the most effective tiny pistol primer I’m privy to that includes a caution approximately the use of them in distinct handgun calibers, and they may be additionally the maximum expensive.  The majority of small pistol primers are to be had in  varieties: normal and magnum, and their use is normally dictated via way of means of the kind of powder being used.

Similarly, maximum pistol powders are sufficiently lit via way of means of normal primers, but different pistol powders, inclusive of ball powders inclusive of Hodgdon H110 and Winchester 296 for example, enjoy the extra spark supplied via way of means of magnum primers which will burn greater effectively.  Standard primers for powders a, b, and c, and magnum primers) for powders x, y, and z, can be used interchangeably and are easy to learn.

Remington Small Pistol Primers 112 and 512 small pistol primers, on the opposite hand, do now no longer always healthy into the usual vs magnum class that differs among distinctive styles of gunpowder.  In addition, there’s a particular note at the 112 primer container pointing out that they may be now no longer appropriate to be used with positive excessive stress cartridges.

“Do now no longer use 112 tiny pistol primers in excessive-depth pistol cartridges inclusive of the.357 Magnum,.357 SIG, and the.forty S&W,” the warning states. It is feasible that your firearm will be damaged, in addition to that you’ll preserve bodily injury.” “Call Remington Arms at 800-243-9700 for a unfastened catalog, or go to our internet site at,” the caution states further. The catalog ballistics tables encompass a listing of the primers which might be endorsed for every cartridge.” Remington Small Pistol Primers


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