12 Gauge Ammo is the largest shotgun with a diameter of 0.73 inches/ 18.5 millimetres. Moreover, the range is longer and is having a greater recoil. This gauge is used for bird hunting and skeet shooting because of its range. Sometimes the smaller individual may locate the recoil which is not tolerable. The recoil can be used by anyone while using certain shells. This something that will be considered for extended hurting tips. Some people who seem to tolerate the recoil on the practice range can find it more difficult as the hunting trip might get longer and it is used for various loading sizes. The standard 12 gauge load is 11/8 ounces of shot. Sometimes you can load 1 ¼ as well for heavier and longer range where the recoil will be considered for some individuals.

What are the different types of 12 Gauge shotgun load?

The 12 gauge shotguns are one of the most versatile firearms. Let us discuss the various types of 12 Gauge ammo, they are as follows:

 Birdshot
The birdshot comes in a variety of sizes and the hunters allow to target the game from small to medium. But for bird shots, it is a is way said that the larger the number, the smaller the pellet will be. But with smaller pellets, you will also get more pellets in a single load.

 Buckshot
You need to use large metal pellets and buckshot so as the name pellets which will be implied. It is used for harvesting deer and a wide range of games. This ammos are of 50 BMG for buck shots which have a strong following of a home defence load which are loaded in defensive shotguns.

 Slugs
Slug is used to describe a shotgun bullet. They are one solid piece of lead which are used as powerful ammunition for a 12 gauge shotgun. They are used as primarily for whitetail deer hunting as well as it used in to pursuit the hog, black bear and similarly sized game.

Thus, buckshot is good for hunting large animals, the bird shot is good for attacking the birds and slugs help to reach the shotgun’s capability.

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