You will find many names under the long-distance calibre range, but the 338 Lapua gets a special mention. This heavy-duty round is a favourite of shooters since it satisfies various shooting purposes. If you are looking forward to learning more about this cartridge, you have landed in the right place. Here you can explore several unknown facts about the 338 Lapua calibre that have stolen the hearts of shooting enthusiasts.

About the Cartridge

The 338 Lapua cartridge has a bottle-like neck and is free from any rims. It is a centerfire cartridge designed in the 1980s for military snipers. You will find the name of this cartridge in the history of many wars like the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, etc. This cartridge was used mainly by military officials and civil shooters.

One of the specialities of this cartridge is that it can penetrate better than the standard body armours of military officials from a 1000 meters distance. It has a very high maximum effective range of approximately 1750 meters. Besides military officials, commoners fond of hunting also prefer this cartridge. The 338 Lapua can be an excellent tool for hunting any big animals from a distance.

Uses of the 338 Lapua

The 338 Lapua was explicitly designed for long-range military snipers for effortless shooting. This cartridge can effortlessly penetrate through various layers of body armours, including ballistic mesh weaves and ceramic plates. Shooters can use this cartridge to shoot their target from a very long distance accurately. The 338 Lapua has a very high range and top- notch hitting power.

This cartridge is also a favourite of hunters enthusiastic about shooting large animals like bears, moose, etc. It is a great shooting aid for use in long-distance shooting contests. Today, a wide range of shooters prefer this cartridge for its versatile uses and seamless performance. It outperforms the 50 BMG in several cases, and thus, is the first preference of shooters.

Ending Note

The 338 Lapua is a high-accuracy long-range cartridge that has various applications in the world of shooting. If you are fond of participating in hunting games and looking for the perfect cartridge, get your hands on the 338 Lapua today.

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